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The Stichting Leisure Port foundation is a public-private collaboration between the municipalities and the tourism and recreation industry in North-Limburg. In February 2009 the foundation presented its strategic vision and agenda for recreation and tourism following a process of extensive research and countless discussions with stakeholders. The full report, entitled “Smoel geven aan Noord-Limburg” can be downloaded here (in Dutch only).


  • Both publicly and privately, the recreation and tourism sector wants to fulfil the role that is vested in it based on its economic position.
  • North-Limburg wants to attract more tourists and recreational visitors who stay for longer and spend more money. North-Limburg also wants to stimulate spending by local citizens.
  • North-Limburg wants to be the frontrunner in The Netherlands in terms of vacations and overnight stays.

Strategic vision:
Leisure Port wants to reinforce the recreation and tourism sector in North-Limburg and raise its profile by taking a three-pronged approach:

  1. improving the recreational and tourism offering through better organisation and business development,
  2. improving the management of collaboration between recreation and tourism businesses and improving their communication activities,
  3. raising the awareness of the recreational and tourism opportunities in the region.

Organisational structure
The organisation is structured around a small, compact regional organisation (Leisure Port) and six local tourism-recreation platforms in order to safeguard the involvement of local businesses. Board members of the local platforms are represented in the Central Delegates Assembly of the regional organisation, Leisure Port.

Who is who: For the contact details of Leisure Port and the local platforms click here.

Leisure Port:
Ms. Carla Smits
Ms. Maud Vullings
Ms. Wieleke Clercx
Ms. Jeske van Gerven

Central Delegates Assembly:
Mr. Jan van Schaik, chair
Mr. Adri Dorrestein, on behalf of platform Horst aan de Maas
Mr. Martin van Wiefferen, on behalf of platform Maasduinen
Mr. Andre Tonen, on behalf of platform Venray
Mr. Robert Blok,on behalf of platform Venlo
Mr. Ger de Vlieger, on behalf of platform Peel en Maas
Mr. Fritz van Hattem, on behalf of platform Leudal 

Board of Directors, tourism-recreation platform Peel en Maas:
Mr. Ger de Vlieger, chair
Mr. Sietse Tienkamp, secretary, Camping de Heldense Bossen
Mr. Niels Ambachtsheer, Sandton Chateau de Raay
Ms. Gerrie Mertens, Boerengolf en Solexverhuur Hoeve de Middelt
Mr. Rudy Gommans, Nostalgie Eten & Drinken
Mr. Roel Peeters, Bakkerij Peeters
Ms. Ine Vincken, Vakantie-appartementen Catharina-Hoeve

Board of Directors, tourism-recreation platform Horst aan de Maas:
Dhr. Adri Dorrestein, voorzitter
Dhr. Mari van der Sterren, penningmeester
Dhr. Ronald Hoppzak, secretaris, Recreatiecentrum de Schatberg
Mw. Trudy Steeghs, Vakantie Meerlo
Mw. Heidy van den Beuken, Gasterie Lieve Hemel
Dhr. Henk Kemperman, Museum De Locht
Mevr. Nicolet van Nunen, Residence La Vie en Rose
Mevr. Ceciel Aerts, Blue Berrie Hill
Board of Directors, tourism-recreation platform Venray:
Mr. Andre Tonen, chair
Mr. Danny Bosma, secretary / treasurer, Camping-Recreatiepark De Oude Barrier
Mr. Jan Bartels, Veerhuys Tante Jet
Mr. Harrie Eijssen, Visit Geijsteren
Ms. Selma Derikx, eet- en drinkcafé 't trefpunt
Ms. Marlies Kusters

Board of Directors, tourism-recreation platform Maasduinen Venlo:
Mr. Martin van Wiefferen, chair of platform Maasduinen, Vakantiepark Leukermeer
Mr. Robert Blok, chair of platform Venlo, Resort Arcen
Mr. Wilfred Groot, secretary, Arcen Events
Mr. Roger Hamelers, treasurer, Alt Arce, Restaurant Sjef, 't Zoete Genot
Mr. Toon Drissen
Mr. Cock Ooms, Hotel Wilhelmina, Hotel Brasserie American, Hotel Puur
Mr. Ton Strien, Logement de Reiziger
Mr. William Meeussen, Meeussen Bungalows
Mr. Jos Schatorjé, Limburgs Museum

Board of Directors, promotional platform Leudal:
Mr. Fritz van Hattem, chair
Mr. Will Lenaerts, treasurer
Mr. Marcel van Oeteren, Recreatiepark en Buitenhof de Leistert
Ms. Els Kuijpers, Hotel-restaurant de Abdij
Ms. Ariane Hikspoors, Landgoed Leudal
Mr. Ivo Franssen, shopping Heythuysen/Leudal
Mr. Frans Joosten, Ria Joosten Catering/Culinair Educatiecentrum Limburg

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